August 27, 2020

Building Good Dental Habits in Your Kids

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Most children dread going to the doctor or dentist. No one enjoys having tests done or having their mouth prodded with utensils. But it is up to you as a parent to build good dental habits in your kids, as it can stay with them for the rest of their lives.

A child who is brushing their teeth twice a day and flossing when they are ten years old is likely to do the same when they get older. It is how things work. If your child is not brushing or flossing most days and does not care about their teeth, it is likely they will not care as an adult either.

What you can do is build those habits in them when they are younger. Come up with a fun way for your child to brush their teeth. Make it into a fun game when they floss. Maybe have a neat reward for them at the end of each week when they brush everyday and floss daily too.

Another step you can take is to have your child visit the dentist regularly. There is likely to be a great pediatric dentist rancho cucamonga that you can see. So many dentists are happy to see children, and they can help you build up that oral hygiene in your child from a young age.

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Now you may be thinking, if your kid brushes and losses regularly, is going to a dentist necessary? The answer is yes. A dentist will deep clean in a way you cannot clean at home. They will also ensure your child’s permanent teeth are coming out correctly.

If braces are necessary as your child becomes a teenager, having a dentist who has been seeing your child for many years is helpful. Your kid will also be more comfortable going to a dentist they know from a young age.

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