Is This What Clothes Will Look Like In 2050?

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The funny thing about films set in the future is how often the costumes reflect fashion trends of the past. Blade Runner’s Rachel has hair from the 1940s and shoulder pads from the 1980s; The Jetsons espoused a future where women wear Jean Shrimpton’s 1960s mini-dresses, but with triangular collars.

The new Spike Jonze flick Her (in which Joaqhin Phoenix plays a man who falls in love with his operating system) is set in Los Angeles in the near future, and its vision of the future is far more restrained. From the looks of the layered monochromatic button downs, Uniqlo is the only store left in existence. This could be due in part to insight Jonze got from him friend Humberto Leon, cofounder of the global fashion brand Opening Ceremony. Jonze has said he talked with Leon while writing and developing the movie. And now, along with the film’s costume designer Casey Storm, they’ve created a Her-inspired capsule collection for Opening Ceremony. The result is an intriguing idea of how we actually might dress in the future, if designers work not just with their preconceived notions of jet packs and gesture controls, but with the facts at hand.


Google Is Amused by Microsoft’s Anti-Google T-Shirts

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This week, Microsoft unveiled a full line of anti-Google paraphernalia, includingT-shirts, ballcaps, and coffee mugs with insignia such as “Scroogled” and “Keep calm while we steal your data.” Pointed, yes. Subtle, not so much.

Microsoft now has a blog post about the apparel line, which they’re calling theScroogled Store, and a Microsoft spokesperson got back to me by phone today. Here’s what he said:

What we’ve found is that this Scroogled campaign has struck a chord with consumers. They really are concerned with the way Google treats them and their privacy. Hundreds of thousansd of people have signed a petition, and millions have visited the website. The T-shirts and the mugs are just a way for people to express their concerns with Google in a different way, but sort of a fun way.


We Found This 20-Year-Old T-Shirt In Kenya. The Internet Found The Original Owner

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We recently published a story about how used clothes that get donated in the U.S. often wind up for sale in markets in Africa. As part of the story, we published some photos of used T-shirts we found in a couple of markets in Kenya.

One shirt in particular caught our eye:

The shirt had a name inside it (Rachel Williams) and a bat mitzvah date (Nov. 20, 1993). We wanted to close the loop — to find Rachel Williams, and Jennifer of “Dancing with the Toons” fame. So Tuesday, we threw up the Internet bat signal andasked for help tracking down Rachel and Jennifer.

Adam Soclof of JTA, a Jewish news service, saw a post about our search and set out to find Rachel Williams. He used Facebook Graph Search to look for people named Rachel Williams who had a friend named Jennifer, who would have been about 13 in 1993, and with whom he shared common Facebook friends.


Guy Wearing Funny T-Shirt Must be Funny

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SPOKANE, WA—Upon seeing local vending machine assembler Paul Drummond walking down the sidewalk Tuesday, onlookers concluded that Drummond was funny based on the fact that he was wearing a humorous t-shirt.

“Why else would he be wearing a shirt like that?” said Julie Eubanks, who saw the comical t-shirt-clad Drummond in person.

For decades, funny people have communicated this fact by the selection of their clothing, namely amusing t-shirts, say experts. Drummond, being no exception, tells the world of his hilarity by donning a shirt that takes a reference from a popular science fiction movie and applies it to life in general.